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My sipsee 

portable bottle stopper

This USA made stopper includes a carrying case that can be attached to your keyring or carbiner for belt/backbacks. Fits most beverage bottles and reusable.

wine things 

glassware and wine accessories

I founded WTU in 1983, developing hundreds of products over the past 25 years including licensed collegiate glassware. 


retractable drying systen

New product being introduced summer 2017. I joined the inventors as a partner to complete development, production and product launch for this unique patented product.  

CUSTOMER testimonials:


I engaged David Lieberstein to assist us in negotiating contracts with our overseas supplier, coordinate importation and customs details, logistics warehousing and marketing strategies in the early stages of our product launch for our new biodegradable Bios Urn products.

The level of professionalism, expertise and positive support to us has been invaluable. His consulting services saved us a tremendous amount of extra time, money and worries to seamlessly support us to successfully import and launch our product.

I highly recommend David to assist anyone bringing a new product to market.

Lee Richter, The Pet Concierge

My Sipsee

David is the premier expert in his field. From concept to closing, he provides spot-on, invaluable advice for bringing a product to market, and has shaved unknown hours off of our journey with Sipsee. We are grateful to know and work with David and would highly recommend him to anybody without hesitation!
Dan Garcia and Kirsten Hanson Garcia, co-founders GHI (a CA Benefit Corporation)

 SilentStay retreat centers; Teagarden Ceramics

​"It has been an amazing pleasure to work with David.  

His professional and kind help has made doing business a joy. 

He has helped me in marketing and refining my products.  

His experience in the industry with sourcing product, importing 

and distribution is invaluable. 

It saved me years of having to figure it out the hard way. 

He quickly provided accurate analysis numbers for all areas of my work and 

adds a valuable perspective from his lifelong experience in business. 

David has the gift of making a business get from the heart and mind into the world, while keeping the joy going at the same time. His guidance is a continual reminder how to keep my heart and creativity alive in the process.  

He is a rare example of a complete business person."

-Ruth Davis, SilentStay retreat centers

Just My Face

I don't know what I'd do without David. I am the consummate entrepreneur. I have numerous product ideas, plans and schemes. David helps me focus, prioritize and is teaching me the 'ins and outs' of bringing my product to market!

I know one of my inventions is going to make it with his expertise and support!

​- Joanne Papani




My Sipsee: Consulted with the inventors to support the final details of production, packaging, marketing strategy. I continue to support them in marketing their unique Portable Bottle Stopper with carrying case to the housewares and gift markets.

Fogle's Tape Pro: Consulting the inventor, Bruce Fogle, on all aspects of marketing, web development, logistics and business strategies along with sourcing a lower cost factory for projected volume sales. The Tape Pro easily holds the painter's blue masking tape in your pocket, to keep from misplacing or losing it.

Laundranet: Initially acted as a licensing agent for the inventors, David and Terrie Knell, to license their Retractable Clothing Drying Rack. After realizing that the potential licensees were too busy to focus on developing their product, we worked together to get fully engineered plans, locate the best factory overseas and get a working prototype. I was asked to join their new business as an equity owner and we just launched the Laundranet at the International Housewares Show in March 2017.

The Pet Concierge: Worked on a 6 month consulting program to assist a successful local veterinary hospital in negotiating with an overseas supplier in Europe on pricing, minimums, packaging, logistics and customs to import the first container of the Bios Urn. 

KHS Imports project: A major producer/factory of tabletop and household linens in India contracted with me to design a full product line to market to independent and middle tier retailers. I reviewed portfolios from dozens of artists to choose unique design concepts to differentiate this new collection from the competition. We were able to design this product line with three new licensed artists, 12 design concepts and 150 products with samples produced in a professionally made booth at the major Atlanta gift show in less than 120 days! 

Wine Things Unlimited: I developed this company as the founder, sole owner and art director beginning with decorative pewter cast Bottle Stoppers. Over the years, I was able to establish 'added value' by securing licensing rights to designs of Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, Star Trek, Popeye, Cirque du Soleil along with unique artists such as Laurel Burch. We expanded into hand painted drinking glassware, ceramic serveware, Wine Charms and wine accessories peaking at over $5 Million/year. ​

Fogle's tape pro

painter's tape holder

Keeping track of the masking tape for painting clean edges is always a challenge. 

Painter's Tape Pro lets anyone keep the tape right in your pocket easily!

khs imports

kitchen linens

Product development consulting and warehouse logistics including interviewing over 75 artists to select the best trend forward designs for licensing to produce.